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Why Robyn?

Experience: 20 years of practice matters

  • Divorce

  • Post-divorce actions

  • Order modifications

  • Custody

  • Prenups and Postnups

  • Mediation

  • Parent coordination

  • Children's rights

  • International family law

Education Matters

Robyn has attended pre-eminent universities receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University, and her law degree from Cardozo Law School. She is also a certified mediator and is admitted to the Bar in three states:

  • New York

  • Connecticut

  • Colorado

Compassion matters

Colleagues of Robyn describe her as both compassionate and passionate.  You can't be effective as a family law attorney without being both. It's the first thing you'll notice when you meet with her. 

Being bold matters

Aggressiveness without smarts won't win you anything. Great lawyers like Robyn aren't aggressive, they are bold. She fights for her clients with intelligence, competitive spirit, ability to make a winning argument and the passion she has for your cause.

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​When there are unsettled issues that will be negotiated or litigated in court, you need an attorney with court and trial experiences to fight for your rights in court. She will advocate for you in the following areas:​

  • Child Custody 

  • Child Support

  • Spousal Support

  • Equitable Distribution of Assets

  • Post Judgment Enforcement

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A structured &  interactive process where as an impartial third party, you are assisted in negotiating your divorces with minimal conflict and maximum fairness.

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Parent Coordination

In Parent Coordination, Robyn helps you resolve disputes in the best interest of the child, despite high conflict between the parents. Focusing on the developmental needs of the child, Robyn provides the guidance to reduce exposure to conflict and maximize the child's resilience and ability to succeed despite the conflict.

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Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a divorce that neither party is fighting. When both parties agree to divorce, it typically saves time and money. To complete an uncontested divorce, you must agree on:

  • How you will share custody, parenting time, and parenting responsibilities

  • The amount and duration of any child support

  • Amount and duration of any  spousal support 

  • Division of all property and debt

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Pre- and Post- Nuptial Agreements

In the event of a divorce, married persons can decide how to share their assets, or how to provide for their individual needs, by executing a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, thereby bypassing the laws that govern divorces. In this manner, they can decide for themselves how to proceed in case of a divorce, thus reducing acrimony, time and costs.

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Post-Divorce Modification

Many times, former spouses need to change or enforce their divorce terms. To do that, they can return to court for resolution of post-divorce legal matters, or can engage in mediation to resolve their concerns. This includes enforcement of court orders and compliance, upward and downward modification of support obligations and changes of custody provisions.

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