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Robyn Mann Law

Matrimonial Attorney

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Our Services


At Robyn Mann Law, we specialize in helping clients navigate the complexities of divorce. We provide compassionate and effective legal representation to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Post and Pre-Nuptial Agreements

These agreements can be sensitive topics. Our firm provides discreet and professional services to help you protect your assets and ensure a fair agreement.

Mediation and Guardian Ad Litem Services

I believe in the importance of mediation and finding amicable solutions. We also offer Guardian Ad Litem services to ensure the best interests of children are protected.


About Robyn Mann

Robyn Mann is a family law attorney in New Milford, Connecticut who represents clients who are divorcing, separating, or need to enforce their rights regarding their children. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University and a law degree from Cardozo Law School, and is also a certified mediator. Mann has appeared in many court conferences, hearings, and trials, representing and advocating for her clients. She has also helped clients reach decisions together about their divorce and children. 

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Why Choose Robyn?







Client Testimonials

John Smith

Finding a lawyer for myself and my daughter was disheartening. They were all focused on the bottom line, not compassion. Then I spoke with Robyn – she was different. She listened & understood my concerns, and promised to approach my case with care. She convinced me in 15 minutes when she said, “we will always comport ourselves with compassion. Robyn's work was excellent, and we achieved a great outcome. She puts the same effort into all her clients.

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