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Finding a lawyer isn't easy.

In fact it's one of the hardest choices you will make. Especially given the stakes and anxiety inherent in family law matters.

Robyn understands that she's not everyone's first choice and that's what you should expect from an attorney - that the best outcomes are very much a result of a strong client/attorney relationship. 

Her clients are open-minded and understand they are hiring Robyn for her expertise, advocacy and ability to deliver great outcomes for her clients. She is not hired to simply do whatever a client asks.

She understands the anger that matrimonial issues can raise. That this anger can boil over and drive clients to act in ways which may feel good in the moment, but will put you farther away from the ultimate outcome you came to Robyn for in the first place.  

If you're looking for a fierce and bold advocate then spend some time with her and decide for  yourself.

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